Much is spoken of the potential opportunities around the “internet of things” (IoT) but what does it mean in practical terms for growers and producers? Horticulture, agriculture and the internet of things – is there a role for the IoT to play? Where are the business opportunities and what are the challenges waiting to be addressed by this new way of connecting devices?

Adrian Segens from RedBite will be one of the speakers discussing these questions at the Agri-Tech East Pollinator event on The Internet of (Agri-)Things to be held at the St John’s Innovation Centre, Cambridge, on the 24th of February. Agri-Tech East is the UK’s first agri-tech cluster organisation. It contains the business and research power-houses of Cambridge and Norwich and is home to highly innovative growers who manage much of the UK’s most productive and profitable agricultural land.

Agri-Tech East was created to catalyse economic growth through improving the international competitiveness of plant and crop-based agriculture. It brings together the world-leading research, development and agricultural production across eastern England. It supports the translation and adoption of new innovations across a range of disciplines including bioscience, ICT and engineering.