The Future Of Asset Tracking Is Now. RedBite Solutions Releases Off-The-Shelf Fixed RFID Reader Solution

A depiction of itemit's groundbreaking fixed RFID asset tracking functionality in action. The image showcases RFID trackers strategically placed in a hospital setting, symbolizing the automated, granular, and precise tracking capabilities of itemit's innovative system. The visual emphasizes the seamless integration of fixed RFID technology, highlighting its impact on asset management in critical environments such as hospitals.

In a groundbreaking move, itemit has unleashed cutting-edge fixed RFID asset tracking functionality, reinforcing its position as a leader in asset tracking solutions. Developed by RedBite Solutions, the creators of the itemit app with over a decade of RFID expertise, this innovation brings automated, granular, and precise fixed RFID asset tracking to the forefront.

itemit, known for its asset tracking software with an integrated app and web portal, has been instrumental in helping businesses overcome the challenges of the past year. The system allows users to log assets as unique profiles and track them both on-site and remotely, offering unparalleled flexibility.

At the core of the itemit system is the ability to log, add data to, and track the locations of tools and equipment. The introduction of fixed RFID takes these operations to the next level, enabling automatic tracking of asset movements between locations without manual input.

The system operates through fixed RFID trackers and passive RFID tags strategically placed in buildings. When an RFID-tagged asset moves between locations, the change is instantly updated in the itemit system, streamlining asset management processes.

itemit’s fixed RFID asset tracking deployment is already making waves in a hospital setting, where it tracks critical equipment. RFID readers and antennas strategically placed throughout the hospital automate the logging of asset movements, saving valuable time and providing enhanced control over asset movements.

With itemit, users can seamlessly combine asset tracking technologies for optimal accountability and control. Whether using fixed RFID for automated location tracking, GPS asset management for real-time location viewing, or QR code and barcode asset tracking for day-to-day efficiency, itemit offers a comprehensive solution.

WINNER – RedBite Solutions Wins Zebra Technologies Cloud Connect Competition to Cap off 2020

A photo capturing the celebratory moment as RedBite's product, itemit, wins Zebra Technologies' Cloud Connect competition. The image showcases a group of enthusiastic team members, possibly holding the trophy or celebrating the victory, symbolizing the success and innovative prowess of RedBite Solutions in RFID asset tracking technology.

As 2020 draws to a close, RedBite product, itemit, celebrates a triumphant victory in Zebra Technologies’ Cloud Connect competition, a testament to the innovative prowess of RedBite Solutions’ RFID asset tracking technology.

Zebra’s Cloud Connect, part of their Data Services for RFID, addresses the common challenges of RFID implementation – reducing costs, simplifying setup, and centralising data access. Recognising the expense associated with RFID for smaller businesses, Zebra aimed to create a more affordable solution, opening doors for innovation in the RFID and IoT sphere.

itemit emerged as an ideal contender for the competition, given its foundation in RFID asset tracking by RedBite Solutions. Integrating Zebra’s fixed RFID readers, itemit showcased features like remote firmware updates, real-time reader status, tag reading start/stop function, and the ability to control reader lights – a mere glimpse into the impressive capabilities.

But the innovation didn’t stop there. itemit not only shared existing features with Zebra’s Cloud Connect but extended the solution by adding unique features. These included displaying the last detected tag of a reader, assigning a location to a reader, and, in terms of asset tracking, digitally moving detected items based on the last reader that saw the tag.

itemit’s victory in the competition was attributed to several key factors. It was the first in the asset tracking industry to integrate a cloud plug-and-play reader, making RFID comprehensible for all users. The user-friendly interface made itemit stand out, allowing SMEs to utilise RFID cost-effectively compared to bespoke RFID systems for larger organisations. The software’s scalability, coupled with the integration of QR/Barcode and GPS capabilities, highlighted itemit as a unique and invaluable solution.

The ability to swiftly take the integration to market demonstrated an instant return on investment. itemit’s ongoing partnership with Zebra Technologies underscores their commitment to pushing the boundaries of asset tracking technology.

Redbite launches partnership of itemit with Comparesoft

itemit partnership

RedBite solutions launches partnership with Comparesoft, a software comparison site.

The itemit asset tracking software, designed and built by the RedBite Team is listed on Comparesoft and is a recommended solution.

Comparesoft creates a platform for consumers to be matched with the best software to solve their problems. This will help to ensure that businesses searching for a solution to asset and equipment management, will be able to find the solution they need.

Charlotte Ellarby, Co-Founder of itemit and Associate Director of RedBite Solutions, said, “We ran a trial with Comparesoft to assess the quality and uniqueness of their leads. We are impressed with the matchmaking accuracy and delighted that it has enabled us to provide a solution to many more businesses that were previously struggling to manage assets and equipment.”

With clients such as Microsoft, Revolut and the University of Cambridge, our ever-growing list of clients shows the versatility of itemit. itemit continues to grow and fulfil its mission of providing easy to use, intelligent asset tracking to businesses of all sizes.

RedBite Solutions Unveils World’s Easiest GPS Asset Tracking System for Ultimate Transparency

Revolutionize Asset Management with RedBite's Innovative GPS Tracking System

In a revolutionary move, RedBite has launched the world’s simplest GPS asset tracking system, setting a new standard for transparency and accountability in asset management. Now, users can seamlessly combine various tracking technologies within the itemit system for unparalleled visibility over assets.

With itemit‘s asset tracking software, users can leverage RFID tags, QR code labels, barcodes, and the latest addition – GPS tags, to establish automated and transparent location tracking operations.

The distinctive feature of GPS trackers lies in their ability to periodically transmit location data to itemit. Unlike QR codes and barcodes that necessitate manual scanning for location updates, GPS trackers communicate automatically with the system, offering real-time information on asset locations worldwide.

Recommended for larger or high-value assets, as well as for tracking across expansive areas like airfields or vast landscapes, GPS trackers enhance the accuracy and efficiency of asset management. They are particularly advantageous for ensuring the timely and secure delivery of assets to their designated locations.

itemit’s unique advantage lies in its ability to offer the highest levels of accountability and transparency. By blending different tracking technologies, users can employ QR codes for audits, RFID tags for high-value assets and small tools, and GPS for assets in constant transit. This flexibility ensures that asset tracking meets diverse needs, providing an all-encompassing solution for effective and streamlined management.

itemit implementation Nominated as 2020 RFID Journal Finalist

RedBite software itemit used for University PPE management

An implementation of RedBite’s itemit asset tracking solution has been nominated as a finalist in the 2020 RFID Journal Awards! The nomination is for the Best RFID/ IoT Implementation award.

RedBite has been working closely with the Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME) Charity for over two years to track and manage their collection of high-value assets. The REME Charity is part of the Ministry of Defence and is in control of many high-value assets that the armed forces and the ministry have accrued over the years. These assets include a priceless painting of Her Majesty the Queen.

Prior to discovering itemit, the REME team relied on a largely paper-based system with many folders of records. These folders would then be given to auditors to audit the collections. Due to the prestige, value and history the assets boast, a smarter solution was needed.

The REME team required a new modern-day system that would allow for their assets to be logged, accounted for and tracked. Due to collecting high-value assets, many of which are works of art, the team required an asset tagging solution that would not detract from the beauty of the art. And that’s where the itemit RFID asset tracking system comes in!

RFID is the ideal technology for this type of application. One of the great advantages of RFID is not needing line of sight to the tag in order to detect it. This meant that each portrait and painting could have a tag stuck on the back so that it remains hidden. At the same time, when performing a stock check of assets, the RFID reader is still able to detect the tag on the back of the painting.

Not only are the team able to track the whereabouts and value of the assets but they have also been able to digitise the asset’s history. Attachments are added to each asset’s digital profile where they are safely stored and preserved. This includes unique pieces of history, letters and photographs which will never become lost.

REME’s implementation of itemit’s asset management system has been nominated as a finalist for the best RFID/IoT implementation in the “other industries” category at the RFID Journal Awards 2020.

“It’s a real pleasure to work closely with the Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers to deliver a cost-effective solution to their unique problems. Having spent time on-site with the team’s unique collection of artwork, we fully appreciate the need to track these collections, not just for auditing and accounting purposes but because these assets have their own unique history that must be preserved for future generations.” RedBite CEO, Dr Alex Wong.

The REME team have referred us to similar organisations and we’re delighted to now be providing a similar solution to the Royal Corps of Signals.

If you have a collection of artwork or assets that require a discreet tracking solution, get in touch with us today at or 01223 421611.

RedBite’s asset tracking software, itemit, tracks PPE inventory levels for Cambridge University Hospitals.

RedBite software itemit used for University PPE management

RedBite Solutions are delighted to be assisting with the launch of a temporary PPE warehouse and logistics centre set up by the University of Cambridge, in response to COVID-19.

In under five days, Project Buffer was set up by a team belonging to the University Cambridge to receive, store, and deliver donations of personal protective equipment (PPE) to the NHS.

A warehouse has been set up to receive donations of crucial PPE from the University, its partners and alumni. The donations are then categorised and recorded so that real-time inventory levels can be seen both at the warehouse and by the NHS hospital. The hospital staff send a request via the itemit software for quantities of PPE they require, which are then delivered by volunteers at the warehouse and the available PPE inventory levels are updated accordingly.

The University were facing a new challenge in unprecedented times that meant they very rapidly needed to implement a solution to receive, store, count and deliver PPE to those that need it. Of course, as part of this, they needed a software solution that would allow this to be automated wherever possible and tailored to their requirements.

The team at RedBite Solutions has donated usage of the itemit asset tracking software for this purpose to the University and the hospital. 

With itemit, volunteers at the logistics warehouse simply scan a QR code to update the stock level of that type of PPE. For example, if a shipment of 500 gloves arrives, the gloves are placed in a zone, the QR code for that zone is scanned, and the stock level is increased by 500.

Staff at the hospital use the same asset tracking system to check inventory levels and to place orders for PPE. For example, if they need 300 masks, they use itemit to let the volunteers know. The volunteers then deliver the masks and decrease the available inventory quantity by 300.

Project Buffer was set up in under a week, and the University is accepting donations of PPE here. You can read more about the project here.

If you or your business is responding to COVID-19 and need software for critical equipment management or tracking PPE inventory levels then please contact us today. Free usage is being donated to all those responding to the pandemic. Contact the team at, or by calling 01223 421611.