Smart Infrastructure in Transport: From Digital to Smart

The ‘Barriers to Innovation for Smart Infrastructure in Transport’ conference, held by the Transport Systems Catapult focused on the barriers preventing the transport industry from becoming Smart.

It is reported that the Smart transport market alone could be worth more than £75 billion a year by 2018. However, barriers such as the interoperability of things, resilience of the new ecosystems and privacy and security matters must be overcome.

RedBite joined many experts from smart infrastructure manufacturers, enablers and service providers as well as experts from the transportation industry to examine the challenges and explore the possible solutions that will ensure the industry can progress from digital to Smart.

At RedBite, we are currently working on a development project with Costain as part of the HyperCat consortium to create standards and solutions that overcome the barriers faced by not only the transport industry, but all industries aspiring to be Smart.

RedBite’s IoT and AI Discussions at HyperCat Summit

Along with other leading Internet of Things (IoT) companies such as IBM, BT and ARM, RedBite Solutions is spearheading the development of HyperCat. HyperCat is a fast growing ecosystem built on an open standard for interoperability that makes it easy to share data across systems, a solution that will prove vital for the growth in connected devices over the coming decade.

On the 8th of June, Lord Erroll, Chairman of HyperCat and Justin Anderson, CEO of Flexeye, brought together over 400 leaders from industry and government for the 2015 HyperCat Summit in London. RedBite’s team met delegates to discuss the HyperCat Spearhead IoT projects that RedBite is delivering in Facilities Management and Smart Highways.

RedBite’s Co-Founder and Chairman, Prof. Duncan McFarlane of the University of Cambridge delivered a thought-provoking talk on the development of artificial intelligence and answered questions from the floor.

Vehicle Management Solution Deployed at Second UK Airport

A referral from our first client spiked an interest from a second UK airport who were experiencing similar vehicle management problems.

Responsible for the safe and efficient handling of over 660,000 passengers per year, our client required a software solution that would allow them to keep track of which vehicles would be due for maintenance in the coming weeks as well as providing greater visibility of asset information and maintenance history that could be accessed by multiple different departments.

Our RedStore for Aviation solution creates a single online record for each vehicle that can be accessed by any airport staff member or their suppliers directly from a mobile device, ensuring efficient, convenient and accessible maintenance history and asset information.

Quotas Backs RedBite Solutions

Quotas GmbH, a global leader in performance quality research and consulting has made a major investment in the Cambridge-based Internet of Things (IoT) company RedBite Solutions. Quotas, from their head office in Hamburg, specialise in combining quality research with state-of-the-art technologies and business consultancy. Quotas are particularly focussed on the postal industry, where they call on a global network of trained panellists to measure performance and evaluate systems for some of the world’s largest postal networks.

Jens Ebering, Research Director of Quotas said, “We are really excited about RedBite’s vision and the traction that it has in industrial IoT applications, particularly in postal.”

Alex Wong, CEO and Co-Founder of RedBite added “We are a technology company that turns physical objects into smart objects by connecting them to the cloud. Any object can have its own digital profile – just like people do on social networks, which means you can connect with the things that you own, manage and use in a much more intelligent way. This has important implications for what Quotas do and we’re delighted to have them as investors and partners. This investment will be used to further scale up RedBite’s operations but what is really exciting is that it’s not just about the money – this strategic partnership with Quotas strengthens our execution capabilities going forward.”

RedBite’s Vehicle Tracking Solution Deployed at UK Airport

A major UK airport has become the first to deploy RedBite Solutions’ RedStore asset tracking solution.

RedBite deployed its RedStore software as part of a RedStore for Aviation packaged solution, centred on vehicle tracking. This included recommended and tested hardware in the form of RFID and QR code readers and tags for various assets.

RedStore provides visibility of vehicle maintenance history, records vehicle information and ensures that only vehicles meeting strict safety standards will be used within the airport’s airside operations, by giving each asset its own unique online profile page that can be accessed by airport staff and their suppliers.

Agriculture and the Internet of Things

Much is spoken of the potential opportunities around the “internet of things” (IoT) but what does it mean in practical terms for growers and producers? Horticulture, agriculture and the internet of things – is there a role for the IoT to play? Where are the business opportunities and what are the challenges waiting to be addressed by this new way of connecting devices?

Adrian Segens from RedBite will be one of the speakers discussing these questions at the Agri-Tech East Pollinator event on The Internet of (Agri-)Things to be held at the St John’s Innovation Centre, Cambridge, on the 24th of February. Agri-Tech East is the UK’s first agri-tech cluster organisation. It contains the business and research power-houses of Cambridge and Norwich and is home to highly innovative growers who manage much of the UK’s most productive and profitable agricultural land.

Agri-Tech East was created to catalyse economic growth through improving the international competitiveness of plant and crop-based agriculture. It brings together the world-leading research, development and agricultural production across eastern England. It supports the translation and adoption of new innovations across a range of disciplines including bioscience, ICT and engineering.