Tracking Assets in Banking – RedBite’s Solution

The applications of RedBite’s products include tracking assets in banking. Recently, RedBite deployed its RedAsset Lite solution in the London office of one of the world’s largest investment banking groups. It provides the end-user with the ability to track high value items in the office environment. This deployment demonstrates the flexibility and capability of RedBite’s products to be customised to meet the needs and requirements of different asset tracking environments.

Asset Management: Track and Trace Solution from RedBite

RedBite Solutions recently released an entry level track and trace solution – RedAsset Lite. It is a lightweight asset management application that partners with RFID handheld devices to improve stock check and management of asset locations. RedAsset Lite runs on a web-based application server locally or remotely.

RedBite’s Flexible, Customisable RFID Solution

A new V2 RFID platform has been released by RedBite Solutions. This new platform has been completely redesigned to provide a flexible, customisable RFID solution to adapt RedBite’s products to different RFID processes and scenarios without the need for additional coding.

RedBite Patent Granted to Enhance RFID Security

RedBite Solutions has been granted a patent on RFID security to enhance security of RFID operations. As part of the RedBite patent portfolio, the latest addition is is integral towards providing safe and secure RFID operations between the readers and tags, as well as providing a mechanism to detect unauthorised RFID readers.

RedBite RFID Journal Article

RedBite Solutions was featured in an RFID Journal article titled U.K. Software Startup Aims to Simplify RFID Deployments. RedBite, a company founded by members of the Auto-ID Lab at Cambridge, is offering a track-and-trace platform designed to be highly configurable and easy to deploy. The RedBite RFID Journal article discusses RedBite’s origins as well as what our products and solutions have to offer. Professor Duncan McFarlane, RedBite Co-Founder, said “Some customers want to keep their track-and-trace systems simple and separate from their business information environment. RedBite’s offerings enable that, but support integration where that is desired.”

RedBite Exhibit at RFID Journal Live Europe

RedBite Solutions exhibited at the recent RFID Journal Live Europe 2010 Conference and Exhibition held in Darmstadt, Germany. The company was looking for both potential partners and end users of its Asset, Warehouse and Logistics Management solutions. Chris Evans, the company’s Sales Director said “a variety of end user companies showed interest in the ease of integration, configuration and deployment of our solutions.” Partner interest focused on the next generation track and trace RedBite platform that can be easily extended with a particular domain focus.