Quotas GmbH, a global leader in performance quality research and consulting has made a major investment in the Cambridge-based Internet of Things (IoT) company RedBite Solutions. Quotas, from their head office in Hamburg, specialise in combining quality research with state-of-the-art technologies and business consultancy. Quotas are particularly focussed on the postal industry, where they call on a global network of trained panellists to measure performance and evaluate systems for some of the world’s largest postal networks.

Jens Ebering, Research Director of Quotas said, “We are really excited about RedBite’s vision and the traction that it has in industrial IoT applications, particularly in postal.”

Alex Wong, CEO and Co-Founder of RedBite added “We are a technology company that turns physical objects into smart objects by connecting them to the cloud. Any object can have its own digital profile – just like people do on social networks, which means you can connect with the things that you own, manage and use in a much more intelligent way. This has important implications for what Quotas do and we’re delighted to have them as investors and partners. This investment will be used to further scale up RedBite’s operations but what is really exciting is that it’s not just about the money – this strategic partnership with Quotas strengthens our execution capabilities going forward.”