Revolutionize Asset Management with RedBite's Innovative GPS Tracking System

In a revolutionary move, RedBite has launched the world’s simplest GPS asset tracking system, setting a new standard for transparency and accountability in asset management. Now, users can seamlessly combine various tracking technologies within the itemit system for unparalleled visibility over assets.

With itemit‘s asset tracking software, users can leverage RFID tags, QR code labels, barcodes, and the latest addition – GPS tags, to establish automated and transparent location tracking operations.

The distinctive feature of GPS trackers lies in their ability to periodically transmit location data to itemit. Unlike QR codes and barcodes that necessitate manual scanning for location updates, GPS trackers communicate automatically with the system, offering real-time information on asset locations worldwide.

Recommended for larger or high-value assets, as well as for tracking across expansive areas like airfields or vast landscapes, GPS trackers enhance the accuracy and efficiency of asset management. They are particularly advantageous for ensuring the timely and secure delivery of assets to their designated locations.

itemit’s unique advantage lies in its ability to offer the highest levels of accountability and transparency. By blending different tracking technologies, users can employ QR codes for audits, RFID tags for high-value assets and small tools, and GPS for assets in constant transit. This flexibility ensures that asset tracking meets diverse needs, providing an all-encompassing solution for effective and streamlined management.