A visual representation of itemit's refreshed user interface. The image showcases the modern and engaging design with a soft red color scheme, featuring a new dashboard layout with quick access buttons – Scan, Search, and Add. The map view and tag scanning tool are highlighted, emphasizing the enhanced user experience and multifunctional features that make asset tracking with itemit more efficient and enjoyable. The UI makeover symbolizes itemit's commitment to providing a modern and user-friendly platform for asset tracking solutions.

itemit, the trailblazer in asset tracking solutions since 2016, is thrilled to unveil a refreshed user interface, offering users a modern and engaging experience while maintaining the beloved simplicity that has made itemit a customer favourite.

Originally launched with a turquoise green colour scheme and user-friendly features, itemit quickly became a go-to solution for asset tracking needs. With five years of growth, itemit has undergone a game-changing, modernistic makeover, introducing a soft red theme that breathes new life into the app and web portal.

The most noticeable change is the introduction of a fresh dashboard, featuring three quick access buttons – Scan, Search, and Add – facilitating users in performing regular tasks with ease. A snippet of the asset list is now displayed, allowing users to view their asset register within seconds of loading up, enhancing efficiency and reducing setup time.

The opening dashboard also introduces an exciting new addition – a map view, providing a quick and easy option to track an asset’s location within seconds. Additionally, short tutorial videos are now available to guide users through itemit’s features effortlessly.

But that’s not all! The bottom menu of the app showcases a new tag scanning tool for quick access, instantly loading the camera to scan assets. A groundbreaking feature, text recognition, enables users to locate assets swiftly by scanning serial numbers.

With itemit’s new UI and multifunctional features, users can tailor itemit to best suit their needs, ensuring they never have to worry about the whereabouts of an item. itemit’s enhanced user experience promises to make asset tracking more efficient and enjoyable than ever before!