The itemit team have been working hard on showcasing one of itemit’s most niche and exciting case studies to date: the Teachers in Space use case.‌

Meet Teachers in Space, the trailblazing US-based non-profit educational organisation that doesn’t just teach teachers – they propel them into astronaut training and real-life space experiences. Not to mention, they whip up scientific projects that teachers can bring back to their students, creating a ripple effect of inspiration.

Managing and monitoring assets across the whole of the United States, amongst several different stakeholders, presents its own challenge for TIS. But here’s the crux of it: the success of a TIS mission isn’t just about tracking assets; it’s about igniting the spark of inspiration for teachers and students alike.

The Cube Satellite (CubeSat) mission which they recently undertook involved using itemit’s QR tracking system to ensure their CubeSat asset register was current, with all CubeSat statuses and locations being accurately updated in real time. This allows the TIS team to accurately report on and monitor the scope of their nationwide project.

Critical requirements of the mission:

  • Tracking Cube Sats 24/7, from border-crossing journeys to sky-high adventures.
  • Monitoring real-time Cube Sat statuses, troubleshooting any hiccups on the fly.
  • Representing data to all stakeholders anytime, anywhere.
  • Fostering collaboration and communication among diverse stakeholders.
  • Maintaining a bird’s-eye view of the entire project.
  • Ensuring every asset returns to base in tip-top shape.

Itemit didn’t just meet these requirements; it catapulted TIS into the digital era, leaving manual tracking in the cosmic dust. Time savings? Check. Improved impact for students and teachers? Double-check.