Along with other leading Internet of Things (IoT) companies such as IBM, BT and ARM, RedBite Solutions is spearheading the development of HyperCat. HyperCat is a fast growing ecosystem built on an open standard for interoperability that makes it easy to share data across systems, a solution that will prove vital for the growth in connected devices over the coming decade.

On the 8th of June, Lord Erroll, Chairman of HyperCat and Justin Anderson, CEO of Flexeye, brought together over 400 leaders from industry and government for the 2015 HyperCat Summit in London. RedBite’s team met delegates to discuss the HyperCat Spearhead IoT projects that RedBite is delivering in Facilities Management and Smart Highways.

RedBite’s Co-Founder and Chairman, Prof. Duncan McFarlane of the University of Cambridge delivered a thought-provoking talk on the development of artificial intelligence and answered questions from the floor.