Easy stock check

Social network your assets

Never lose an asset

Better asset maintenance


Smart assets with social network capabilities. A new way to interact with your assets.

A Profile for Every Asset

In RedStore, every asset has a unique identity. Everything that you manage will have its own web page (just like people do on social media). Essential data on your assets, such as user manuals, maintenance records and replacement schedules are available whenever needed.

Social Network Your Assets

Your staff and customers can interact with the asset via its unique profile, simply by scanning a QR code with their tablet or smartphone. Faults and breakdowns can be reported and vital information such as user manuals are available to all that need them. Assets will notify managers automatically when action is needed

Easy Stocktaking

On average organisations spend 20 staff days per year just on stock checking and locating lost assets. With RedStore, stock taking becomes a simple, point-and-click exercise that can be carried out quickly, easily as a regular, part of your routine point-aoutine he2b point-aoutine he2b

SaaS and Mobile

Being a SaaS application, RedStore is based upon monthly subscription and has no software license fee, maintenance contracts, upgrade fees or any need for on-premises servers. Which means low initial costs, no long-term contract and a solution that can expand with your needs without additional investment in bandwidth

Easy to Deploy

If you already have your asset inventory listed on a spreadsheet, then they can be imported straight into RedStore. RedStore has an unlimited number of custom fields, so you can organise your assets based upon the processes that you already have. Once you have imported your data, simply make all your assets Smart Assets by attaching a unique identifier. Reporting is easy too, as all of your RedStore data can be exported to spreadsheet

Works Offline Too

RedStore can even be used in situations in which there is no immediate access to the network, such as outside locations, farms and building sites. RedStore’s mobile Android app captures and stores information so no data is ever lost.

Any Data Capture Technology

RedStore dramatically reduces the time that it takes your organisation to stock check and locate assets by the use of AutoID technologies like RFID, QR Codes and NFC tags. All of these technologies can work together in RedStore, simply choose which one works best for each asset


Through RedStore, asset use is managed and huge efficiencies are made possible as replacement costs for lost items are eliminated, leased items are managed within their contract terms, aged assets are easily identified and maintenance is supported by accurate, reliable, timely data leased items are managed within their contract terms, accounting legislation is easily complied with and stocktaking becomes a matter of routine

RedStore and Your Business

All organisations are unique and industry sectors each face their own specific asset tracking and inventory management challenges. RedStore has been designed to be applicable to a wide range of sectors

How fast could your return on investment be?

RedStore has subscription models to suit the size of your organisation, contact us for more information