RedBite for Your Business

Every business has unique needs and RedBite have created solutions that are specifically designed for a whole range of industries

RedBite for Retail

AutoID technologies, particularly RFID, have transformed the way in which many retail supply chain operate in recent years. Many of the world’s leading grocery giants now depend upon RFID tagged pallets and cases as the key technology for ensuring that warehouses and distribution centres operate at maximum efficiency and apparel retailers have pioneered the use of item level tagging to ensure on-shelf availability and deliver exceptional customer experience.

Both RedStore for Retail and RedEdge can bring enormous benefits to the retail sector

RedBite for Facilities

Any organisation relies on valuable physical assets – computers, tele-conferencing equipment, audio-visual equipment, air-conditioners and photocopiers, the list seems endless. RedStore is designed to enable facilities managers to manage thousands of assets efficiently

RedBite for Postal Services

RFID has the power to transform the way in which postal services performance measurement is carried out. Placing RFID readers throughout the network so that monitor tags can be read as they pass through the network is a vital tool for gaining real time data.

RedEdge enables large networks of RFID and Sensor networks to be managed efficiently by connecting the devices straight to the cloud


RedBite for Performance & Media

Film and TV studios, theatres, recording studios and venues face unique asset management challenges. Operations depend upon a vast number of valuable physical assets – cameras, microphones, mixing desks, lights – the list is endless. What makes it really challenging though is ensuring that the production and performing teams that use your venue have all the support that they need from those assets.

RedStore turns all of your assets into Smart assets, giving you complete control and visibility with social network capabilities that your staff and clients an use to share information

RedBite for Aviation

The aviation industry depends upon thousands of high value assets that are vital for the safe and smooth running of airports and airlines. What’s more, aviation environments create unique challenges for managing those assets as they are typically spread across large areas.

RedStore for Aviation offers airport operators and airlines a power asset tracking solution designed to work in this challenging environment, whether in the terminal, the apron or in hangars.

RedEdge enables large networks of RFID and Sensor networks to be managed efficiently by connecting the devices straight to the cloud