98% inventory accuracy

Stock take in minutes - not days

Company-wide in-store inventory

Unique customer experience

All you need is WiFi or 3G

RedStore for Retail

RedStore for Retail is a cloud-based inventory management application for boutique retailers. Using RedStore for Retail, retailers are able to boost sales and profits through eliminating out of stocks, managing stock value and improving customer experience.

Small, light, disposable and unobtrusive tags uniquely identify every item in your stock. Once tagged, stock taking becomes a simple point and click process that captures all of the tagged items within the store, so a complete stock take can be carried out as part of the regular store routine to deliver a constant stock accuracy level of >98%. Shop staff are freed to serve customers and store management can see stock levels across all stores

RedStore for Retail is based upon monthly subscription and has no software license fee, maintenance contracts, upgrade fees or any need for on-premises servers. Any store with a WiFi connection can use RedStore immediately


RedStore uses RFID (radio frequency identification) tags to uniquely identify your stock. Small, light, disposable and unobtrusive, RFID tags can be contained within a variety of forms to suit your products whether you sell apparel, consumer electronics, wine, furniture or jewellery and can be combined with EAS security tags

Just Scan the Store

With RedStore, a complete stock take can become a matter of daily routine. What’s more RedStore will identify any stock that has been misplaced. So store staff are freed to give customers the personal service that they deserve, on-shelf availability can be optimised and sales grown


Chain Wide Inventory

Store management will have immediate access to stock levels across all stores. Essential information for omni-channel retail organisations

SaaS applications are like RedStore are available from any computer or any device—any time, anywhere. Because your staff are familiar with using the Internet to find what they need, SaaS apps tend to have high adoption rates, with a lower learning curve

All you need is WiFi or 3G

In store, RedStore is operated with a simple hand held device and a tablet computer and so does not require fixed RFID readers and costly on premises servers

This means that the infrastructure costs are very low; there is no need for major capital investment in IT hardware or on going maintenance


QR Code and NFC for Customer Experience

In some high value but low volume retail environments (like musical instruments, antiques and audio-visual) QR codes or NFC tags can be just as effective as RFID and so RedStore for Retail is designed to be able to use all of these technologies.

As shoppers can also read QR codes and NFC tags with their smartphones and tablets, these technologies also offer the retailer an opportunity to communicate with their customers in an entirely new way. RedStore gives every item in the store can be given its own unique online digital profile, just like a person might on social media. In this way, customers can learn more about the product than any conventional point-of-sale might offer.

How fast could your return on investment be?

RedStore has subscription models to suit the size of your organisation, contact us for more information