A depiction of itemit's groundbreaking fixed RFID asset tracking functionality in action. The image showcases RFID trackers strategically placed in a hospital setting, symbolizing the automated, granular, and precise tracking capabilities of itemit's innovative system. The visual emphasizes the seamless integration of fixed RFID technology, highlighting its impact on asset management in critical environments such as hospitals.

In a groundbreaking move, itemit has unleashed cutting-edge fixed RFID asset tracking functionality, reinforcing its position as a leader in asset tracking solutions. Developed by RedBite Solutions, the creators of the itemit app with over a decade of RFID expertise, this innovation brings automated, granular, and precise fixed RFID asset tracking to the forefront.

itemit, known for its asset tracking software with an integrated app and web portal, has been instrumental in helping businesses overcome the challenges of the past year. The system allows users to log assets as unique profiles and track them both on-site and remotely, offering unparalleled flexibility.

At the core of the itemit system is the ability to log, add data to, and track the locations of tools and equipment. The introduction of fixed RFID takes these operations to the next level, enabling automatic tracking of asset movements between locations without manual input.

The system operates through fixed RFID trackers and passive RFID tags strategically placed in buildings. When an RFID-tagged asset moves between locations, the change is instantly updated in the itemit system, streamlining asset management processes.

itemit’s fixed RFID asset tracking deployment is already making waves in a hospital setting, where it tracks critical equipment. RFID readers and antennas strategically placed throughout the hospital automate the logging of asset movements, saving valuable time and providing enhanced control over asset movements.

With itemit, users can seamlessly combine asset tracking technologies for optimal accountability and control. Whether using fixed RFID for automated location tracking, GPS asset management for real-time location viewing, or QR code and barcode asset tracking for day-to-day efficiency, itemit offers a comprehensive solution.