A visual representation showcasing the collaboration between itemit and Teachers in Space for the 'Postcards to Space' project. The image features a group of students designing futuristic postcards, with each postcard equipped with an itemit QR tag for efficient tracking. The itemit app is shown scanning a QR tag, symbolizing the seamless location tracking of the postcards. The collaboration highlights itemit's adaptability in supporting unique and impactful projects beyond traditional asset tracking, contributing to the mission of inspiring students in STEM education. Excitement builds for the orbital launch with Firefly Aerospace in September 2022.

itemit, the world’s simplest asset tracking solution, created and owned by RedBite Solutions, is excited to announce its collaboration with Teachers in Space for the innovative ‘Postcards to Space‘ project. This partnership, initiated in late 2021, showcases itemit’s unique contribution to the mission of inspiring students’ interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

Teachers in Space, a North American non-profit organisation, aims to engage teachers by providing space experiences and flight opportunities. The ‘Postcards to Space’ project, in collaboration with Blue Origin’s Club for the Future, invites students to design postcards envisioning the future of life in space. These postcards are set to journey into the upper atmosphere and space via Firefly Aerospace’s 2nd orbital rocket flight from Vandenberg Space Force Base, California.

To efficiently track each student’s postcard, Teachers in Space utilises itemit’s QR tags. Each postcard is assigned a QR tag, facilitating unique identification and seamless location tracking. The itemit app’s scanning feature updates the postcard’s last seen location, providing students with real-time updates on its journey through the map feature.

The collaboration emphasises itemit’s adaptability in supporting unique and impactful missions beyond traditional asset tracking applications. As the ‘Postcards to Space’ project gears up for an orbital launch with Firefly Aerospace in September 2022, itemit remains a proud partner in this exciting initiative.

Stay tuned for the upcoming launch in September 2022, and keep an eye on the skies for this extraordinary event!