A photo capturing the celebratory moment as RedBite's product, itemit, wins Zebra Technologies' Cloud Connect competition. The image showcases a group of enthusiastic team members, possibly holding the trophy or celebrating the victory, symbolizing the success and innovative prowess of RedBite Solutions in RFID asset tracking technology.

As 2020 draws to a close, RedBite product, itemit, celebrates a triumphant victory in Zebra Technologies’ Cloud Connect competition, a testament to the innovative prowess of RedBite Solutions’ RFID asset tracking technology.

Zebra’s Cloud Connect, part of their Data Services for RFID, addresses the common challenges of RFID implementation – reducing costs, simplifying setup, and centralising data access. Recognising the expense associated with RFID for smaller businesses, Zebra aimed to create a more affordable solution, opening doors for innovation in the RFID and IoT sphere.

itemit emerged as an ideal contender for the competition, given its foundation in RFID asset tracking by RedBite Solutions. Integrating Zebra’s fixed RFID readers, itemit showcased features like remote firmware updates, real-time reader status, tag reading start/stop function, and the ability to control reader lights – a mere glimpse into the impressive capabilities.

But the innovation didn’t stop there. itemit not only shared existing features with Zebra’s Cloud Connect but extended the solution by adding unique features. These included displaying the last detected tag of a reader, assigning a location to a reader, and, in terms of asset tracking, digitally moving detected items based on the last reader that saw the tag.

itemit’s victory in the competition was attributed to several key factors. It was the first in the asset tracking industry to integrate a cloud plug-and-play reader, making RFID comprehensible for all users. The user-friendly interface made itemit stand out, allowing SMEs to utilise RFID cost-effectively compared to bespoke RFID systems for larger organisations. The software’s scalability, coupled with the integration of QR/Barcode and GPS capabilities, highlighted itemit as a unique and invaluable solution.

The ability to swiftly take the integration to market demonstrated an instant return on investment. itemit’s ongoing partnership with Zebra Technologies underscores their commitment to pushing the boundaries of asset tracking technology.