Asset management at your fingertips

Asset management at your fingertips

Asset management at your fingertips

RedBite Asset

Improves the efficiency, convenience and accuracy of asset management. The revolutionary smartphone app allows you to manage your assets wherever and whenever you need.

The Basics

1. Tag your assets

Each asset needs a tag. This could be a QR code, barcode, RFID, NFC or GPS tag. Not sure which is best for you? Let us know your needs and we can recommend suitable options.

2. One profile for each asset

Just like we have personal profile pages, now your assets do too. All asset records stored in one, easily accessible, place. Profiles can include pictures, attachments and any other pieces of information you require. Encourage users to interact with your assets by reporting faults, leaving comments or accessing user manuals.

3. Manage and maintain your assets

Receive alerts when faults are reported against an asset, designate maintenance jobs to your colleagues and assign assets to a particular location to receive notifications should they move to a new location. View full maintenance history records even while onsite and add new information instantly to create real-time asset records.

Core features

Smartphone App

Designed to make your life easier. Access your asset information, any time, anywhere. Available on Android or iOS

Locate your Assets

Opt for RFID tags and benefit from being able to locate your assets when they cannot be found

Work Offline

Access existing records and enter new information even without phone connectivity. The app will sync to the cloud once reconnected

Upgrade from Spreadsheets

Upload your existing asset record spreadsheet to RedBite Asset in a few simple steps. Real-time data will provide you with an accurate asset register

Social Networked Assets

Your colleagues, customers and members of the public can interact with an asset simply by scanning its QR code with their smartphone

Simple Stocktakes

Stocktakes are transformed into a simple point-and-click exercise, removing the need for any manual data entry that often leads to inaccurate asset records

100% Correct Asset Identification

Your assets will be given unique tags and identities so you will know exactly which asset is which

Map View

Switch to map view to view your assets on a map

Intelligent Locations

Create locations, assign assets to a location and receive notifications when an asset is moved to a new location

What can I manage and track?

Our products are currently being used to manage vehicles, street lamps, sections of road, robots on a production line, air conditioning units, first aid kits as well as RFID devices in a global network. When we say you can manage any object, we mean it.
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RedBite Asset is flexible, convenient and efficient