Powering the next generation object tracking system.

The Founders

Part of the original EPC Network architects of Auto-ID Centre where Internet-of-Things (IoT) was first coined.

The Vision

Identify, organise and enable product intelligence for every single object in the world.

The Technology

Cloud application driven by smartphone apps using best-of-the-breed open source technologies.

The Customers

Deployed with high profile customers such as Wilmar, United Nations, Sony, Rolls-Royce and Bank of Tokyo.

RedBite Solutions is a Cambridge based high-tech software business that provides the next generation object tracking system. RedBite founders were part of the original architects of EPC Network at the Auto-ID Centre based in University of Cambridge. Since 1999, we have been involved with standardisation, implementations and consulting blue-chip organisations around the world on RFID and Internet-of-Things (IoT).

RedBite Solutions is a private company and has since received a significant growth funding from a large corporate investor. RedBite has deployed solutions across the UK, Europe and Asia in small as well as large multi-national companies. RedBite has been granted and applied for a significant number of patents worldwide. The company has contributed to European Union projects, TSB and continues to work with research organisations around the world, including University of Cambridge.

The Team

Dr. Alex C. Y. Wong

CEO & Co-Founder

Prof. Duncan McFarlane

Chairman & Co-Founder

Jens Ebering


Dr. Da Xing

Director & Co-Founder

Alan Thorne


Tan Kah Chai


Dr Meng-Han, Kuok

Director & Co-Founder

Kuok Khoon Hong


Björn Sossong


Charlotte Ellarby

Associate Director

Ben Walker

Business Development Executive

Lewis Jacobs

Lead Server Developer

Artem Efremov

Mobile Developer

Andrey Kolchin

Software Developer

George Hategan

Software Developer