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RedBite Edge

Edge simplifies the process of connecting RFID and other IoT devices directly to the cloud. The unique platform allows you to remotely manage a global network of connected devices.
Trusted by one of the world’s largest intergovernmental organisations.

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Reduction in Network Management Costs

Cloud Based: No Onsite Server

Using Edge, network deployment is a simple plug-and-play process that requires nothing more than readers with network connectivity. RFID and IoT devices connect directly to the cloud with no need for onsite middleware or hardware. This reduces the costs of network management by up to 85%.


Remote Management of Devices

Each device in your network can be remotely maintained and updated. Real time tag reads, uptime and location status information for each device is visible at a glance. In addition, all configurations, software and feature updates are carried out remotely

Immediate Fault Notification

You can choose to receive an immediate notification should a fault occur on one of your devices allowing you to take immediate action to minimise downtime

Standards Compliant

Edge is built upon GS1/EPCglobal’s EPCIS standards. This means that all data is compatible with other compliant ERP and WMS systems. EPCIS enables applications to leverage Electronic Product Code (EPC) data via EPC-related data sharing, both within and across enterprises

Advanced Diagnostic Tools

Advanced diagnostic tools will help you to diagnose any problems that occur and aid you to predict when faults may be likely to occur. Reporting features cover all tag reads, aggregated network performance KPIs and more

Use any Reader

Edge will work with any reader regardless of manufacturer or age so there is no need to purchase additional hardware

Never Lose Your Data

Tag reads are filtered, aggregated and reported directly to Edge. Should the reader lose network connectivity, tag reads will be automatically recorded by the reader, safely stored and reported once reconnected
RedBite Edge is simple, intuitive and effective
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