RedBite software itemit used for University PPE management

RedBite Solutions are delighted to be assisting with the launch of a temporary PPE warehouse and logistics centre set up by the University of Cambridge, in response to COVID-19.

In under five days, Project Buffer was set up by a team belonging to the University Cambridge to receive, store, and deliver donations of personal protective equipment (PPE) to the NHS.

A warehouse has been set up to receive donations of crucial PPE from the University, its partners and alumni. The donations are then categorised and recorded so that real-time inventory levels can be seen both at the warehouse and by the NHS hospital. The hospital staff send a request via the itemit software for quantities of PPE they require, which are then delivered by volunteers at the warehouse and the available PPE inventory levels are updated accordingly.

The University were facing a new challenge in unprecedented times that meant they very rapidly needed to implement a solution to receive, store, count and deliver PPE to those that need it. Of course, as part of this, they needed a software solution that would allow this to be automated wherever possible and tailored to their requirements.

The team at RedBite Solutions has donated usage of the itemit asset tracking software for this purpose to the University and the hospital. 

With itemit, volunteers at the logistics warehouse simply scan a QR code to update the stock level of that type of PPE. For example, if a shipment of 500 gloves arrives, the gloves are placed in a zone, the QR code for that zone is scanned, and the stock level is increased by 500.

Staff at the hospital use the same asset tracking system to check inventory levels and to place orders for PPE. For example, if they need 300 masks, they use itemit to let the volunteers know. The volunteers then deliver the masks and decrease the available inventory quantity by 300.

Project Buffer was set up in under a week, and the University is accepting donations of PPE here. You can read more about the project here.

If you or your business is responding to COVID-19 and need software for critical equipment management or tracking PPE inventory levels then please contact us today. Free usage is being donated to all those responding to the pandemic. Contact the team at, or by calling 01223 421611.