itemit, the ultimate asset management software
St. John’s Innovation Centre (SJIC) tenant, RedBite Solutions, is working in collaboration with the team at SJIC to introduce a new way for you to report any issues you may come across within the building. RedBite has built a powerful asset tracking system, called itemit, which not only offers a great way to keep track of your business assets, but also offers a unique way to receive feedback about your assets from other users.

You’ll see itemit QR tags like these in meeting rooms, conference rooms, toilet areas and on photocopiers and scanners around the building. If you encounter any issues while you’re visiting one of these areas, simply scan the QR code using your phone to quickly report an issue.

qr code asset tags
Top tip: Most phone cameras now allow you to scan QR codes so you can simply open the camera and the itemit QR tag will be scanned, allowing you to report an issue.

Each QR tag is associated to a unique asset or area within the building. What this means is that when you report an issue, we know exactly which area or which asset has the problem. This will help us to ensure any issues are resolved as quickly as possible.

If you’re reporting an issue in one of the meeting rooms, conference rooms or toilet areas, you can scan the QR tag in the area and report issues relating to anything in the room.

We’d love to hear your feedback or suggestions on additional areas or assets you’d like to see tagged. Please drop us an email to with any suggestions you have.

If your business needs a better way to track and monitor its assets then take a closer look at or drop us an email at We’re offering 25% discount to all SJIC tenants who subscribe to itemit as well as onsite, personalised support and guidance to help you get up and running in no time.