2024 – a note from RedBite’s CEO

As we bid farewell to 2023, we at RedBite Solutions are excited to embrace the new year with renewed vigour and ambition. Our journey so far has been nothing short of transformative, making asset tracking easily accessible to everyone. From schools to charities, hospitals to scientific endeavours, our footprint has been global and impactful.

Over 250 organisations worldwide continue to benefit from our itemit application. Our efforts have reached the highest mountains in Chile, aiding scientists in their quest to unravel the universe. In conservation, we help to protect rhinos in the wild and animals in zoos, contributing to the preservation of our planet’s precious wildlife.

Our technology has extended its reach into the world of film production, ensuring seamless asset management behind the scenes of some of the most epic movies. In healthcare, we’ve been instrumental in tracking critical biopsy samples and dialysis equipment, enhancing patient care and efficiency. We are revolutionising healthcare alongside our partner to provide home health test kits to detect and prevent disease, with the aim of extending human lifespans and enhancing overall well-being.

RedBite powers the largest RFID deployment in the world that spans across 60+ countries. We have successfully navigated some of the toughest RFID environments, even in the poorest nations. This is a testament to our unparalleled, cutting-edge RFID software platform.

2023 was a milestone year for us as we ventured into space literally, expanding our boundaries beyond Earth. Huge thanks to our incredible team and loyal customers. Your dedication and trust have been pivotal in navigating this journey. As we step into 2024, Redbite is evolving – incubating and transforming ideas into products that redefine experiences. Our measure of success lies in the number of lives we helped, a guiding principle for our future innovations.

Goodbye to 2023, and hello 2024 – a year filled with positive change, growth and excitement! A year we can finally train our AI the difference between ‘bit’, ‘byte’ and RedBite!

Dr Alex Wong

Camtech and RedBite Solutions Forge Dynamic Partnership to Revolutionise the Health Industry

A futuristic collage depicting the partnership between RedBite Solutions and Camtech in the health industry. The background features a blend of innovative technology symbols and healthcare-related imagery. The RedBite Solutions logo and the Camtech logo stand prominently, signifying the collaboration. Arrows and connecting lines illustrate the seamless integration of their expertise. Text overlays emphasize the commitment to innovation and the goal of transforming the health sector through advanced technological solutions.

RedBite Solutions, leader in cutting-edge technology solutions, announces an exciting partnership with Camtech, marking a significant collaboration aimed at bringing transformative technological changes to the health industry.

With a shared commitment to innovation, RedBite Solutions and Camtech are set to leverage their respective expertise to revolutionise the health sector. RedBite Solutions, renowned for its expertise in developing groundbreaking technology solutions, is teaming up with Camtech, a dynamic player in the health technology space.

This partnership seeks to introduce advanced technological solutions that will enhance the efficiency, accuracy, and overall capabilities within the health industry. By combining RedBite Solutions’ technological innovation with Camtech’s in-depth understanding of healthcare challenges, the collaboration aims to address critical issues and pave the way for a new era of advancements in healthcare technology.

Stay tuned for further updates on this exciting partnership as RedBite Solutions and Camtech embark on a journey to deliver game-changing technological solutions that will undoubtedly shape the future of the health industry.

RedBite partners with Landscape Services to reduce operational costs with flagship solution, itemit

A visual representation of the strategic partnership between itemit and Landscape Services. The image showcases a diverse outdoor space with specialized vehicles and equipment. The partnership aims to revolutionize equipment management by enhancing visibility over asset locations, availability, utilisation rates, defect reporting, servicing schedules, and security measures. The collaboration is depicted as a step towards achieving goals such as improving safety, increasing compliance, and boosting efficiency for Landscape Services and their customers.

The team at itemit is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Landscape Services, a leading UK company operating across 15 key locations in the southeast, specialising in maintaining diverse outdoor spaces. With a fleet of over 70 specialised vehicles and thousands of pieces of equipment, managing and monitoring such extensive resources across multiple sites presents a unique set of challenges.

Landscape Services places a premium on delivering high levels of service, which is heavily reliant on having the right equipment available when and where needed. To address this, the team identified critical requirements:

    • Knowing the entire equipment inventory
    • Tracking the location of each piece of equipment
    • Identifying available equipment
    • Determining who has possession of specific equipment
    • Ensuring equipment is on the correct site at the right time
    • Reducing equipment losses and thefts
    • Streamlining defect reporting

The Main Objective Landscape Services aimed to find a robust solution that would enhance visibility over asset locations, availability, utilisation rates, defect reporting, servicing schedules, and security measures. The overarching goals were clear: Improve Safety, Increase Compliance, and Boost Efficiency.

For Landscape Services, achieving these goals was essential to lower operational costs, enabling them to offer more competitive pricing structures to their customers.

The partnership between itemit and Landscape Services marks a significant step towards revolutionising equipment management, ensuring enhanced safety, compliance, and efficiency for Landscape Services and their valued customers.

RedBite Solutions and RF Controls Join Forces to Revolutionise Asset Tracking with Cutting-edge RFID Solution

A visual representation of the groundbreaking collaboration between RedBite Solutions and RF Controls. The image showcases the integration of cutting-edge RFID hardware with RedBite Solutions' expertise, symbolizing the partnership's commitment to revolutionizing asset tracking. An innovative RFID solution is depicted, emphasizing the potential for unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in asset management. The collaboration aims to redefine industry standards and simplify global asset monitoring, marking a significant stride forward in the world of RFID technology.

RedBite Solutions, a trailblazer in solving the world’s most intricate asset tracking challenges, proudly announces a groundbreaking collaboration with RF Controls. This strategic partnership introduces an innovative RFID solution set to revolutionise the field of asset tracking.

By harnessing the cutting-edge RFID hardware from RF Controls, RedBite Solutions enhances its already robust asset tracking capabilities, offering clients an unparalleled level of accuracy and efficiency. This collaboration signifies a pivotal moment in the evolution of asset tracking technology, combining RedBite Solutions’ expertise with RF Controls’ state-of-the-art hardware.

Businesses grappling with complex asset management requirements now have access to a streamlined and highly effective tracking system. RedBite Solutions, known for its ability to tackle challenging tracking problems, aims to redefine industry standards and simplify asset monitoring on a global scale.

The RedBite Solutions and RF Controls partnership is not just a technological advancement; it’s a commitment to innovation, marking a significant stride forward in the world of RFID technology. Stay tuned as this dynamic collaboration unfolds, promising to reshape the way organisations track and manage assets.

To Infinity and Beyond, RedBite’s Journey to Space!

A visual representation showcasing the collaboration between itemit and Teachers in Space for the 'Postcards to Space' project. The image features a group of students designing futuristic postcards, with each postcard equipped with an itemit QR tag for efficient tracking. The itemit app is shown scanning a QR tag, symbolizing the seamless location tracking of the postcards. The collaboration highlights itemit's adaptability in supporting unique and impactful projects beyond traditional asset tracking, contributing to the mission of inspiring students in STEM education. Excitement builds for the orbital launch with Firefly Aerospace in September 2022.

itemit, the world’s simplest asset tracking solution, created and owned by RedBite Solutions, is excited to announce its collaboration with Teachers in Space for the innovative ‘Postcards to Space‘ project. This partnership, initiated in late 2021, showcases itemit’s unique contribution to the mission of inspiring students’ interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

Teachers in Space, a North American non-profit organisation, aims to engage teachers by providing space experiences and flight opportunities. The ‘Postcards to Space’ project, in collaboration with Blue Origin’s Club for the Future, invites students to design postcards envisioning the future of life in space. These postcards are set to journey into the upper atmosphere and space via Firefly Aerospace’s 2nd orbital rocket flight from Vandenberg Space Force Base, California.

To efficiently track each student’s postcard, Teachers in Space utilises itemit’s QR tags. Each postcard is assigned a QR tag, facilitating unique identification and seamless location tracking. The itemit app’s scanning feature updates the postcard’s last seen location, providing students with real-time updates on its journey through the map feature.

The collaboration emphasises itemit’s adaptability in supporting unique and impactful missions beyond traditional asset tracking applications. As the ‘Postcards to Space’ project gears up for an orbital launch with Firefly Aerospace in September 2022, itemit remains a proud partner in this exciting initiative.

Stay tuned for the upcoming launch in September 2022, and keep an eye on the skies for this extraordinary event!

RedBite Unveils itemit’s Refreshed User Interface for an Enhanced Asset Tracking Experience!

A visual representation of itemit's refreshed user interface. The image showcases the modern and engaging design with a soft red color scheme, featuring a new dashboard layout with quick access buttons – Scan, Search, and Add. The map view and tag scanning tool are highlighted, emphasizing the enhanced user experience and multifunctional features that make asset tracking with itemit more efficient and enjoyable. The UI makeover symbolizes itemit's commitment to providing a modern and user-friendly platform for asset tracking solutions.

itemit, the trailblazer in asset tracking solutions since 2016, is thrilled to unveil a refreshed user interface, offering users a modern and engaging experience while maintaining the beloved simplicity that has made itemit a customer favourite.

Originally launched with a turquoise green colour scheme and user-friendly features, itemit quickly became a go-to solution for asset tracking needs. With five years of growth, itemit has undergone a game-changing, modernistic makeover, introducing a soft red theme that breathes new life into the app and web portal.

The most noticeable change is the introduction of a fresh dashboard, featuring three quick access buttons – Scan, Search, and Add – facilitating users in performing regular tasks with ease. A snippet of the asset list is now displayed, allowing users to view their asset register within seconds of loading up, enhancing efficiency and reducing setup time.

The opening dashboard also introduces an exciting new addition – a map view, providing a quick and easy option to track an asset’s location within seconds. Additionally, short tutorial videos are now available to guide users through itemit’s features effortlessly.

But that’s not all! The bottom menu of the app showcases a new tag scanning tool for quick access, instantly loading the camera to scan assets. A groundbreaking feature, text recognition, enables users to locate assets swiftly by scanning serial numbers.

With itemit’s new UI and multifunctional features, users can tailor itemit to best suit their needs, ensuring they never have to worry about the whereabouts of an item. itemit’s enhanced user experience promises to make asset tracking more efficient and enjoyable than ever before!