RedBite’s itemit turns Business Assets into Smart Objects

itemit, the ultimate asset management software
St. John’s Innovation Centre (SJIC) tenant, RedBite Solutions, is working in collaboration with the team at SJIC to introduce a new way for you to report any issues you may come across within the building. RedBite has built a powerful asset tracking system, called itemit, which not only offers a great way to keep track of your business assets, but also offers a unique way to receive feedback about your assets from other users.

You’ll see itemit QR tags like these in meeting rooms, conference rooms, toilet areas and on photocopiers and scanners around the building. If you encounter any issues while you’re visiting one of these areas, simply scan the QR code using your phone to quickly report an issue.

qr code asset tags
Top tip: Most phone cameras now allow you to scan QR codes so you can simply open the camera and the itemit QR tag will be scanned, allowing you to report an issue.

Each QR tag is associated to a unique asset or area within the building. What this means is that when you report an issue, we know exactly which area or which asset has the problem. This will help us to ensure any issues are resolved as quickly as possible.

If you’re reporting an issue in one of the meeting rooms, conference rooms or toilet areas, you can scan the QR tag in the area and report issues relating to anything in the room.

We’d love to hear your feedback or suggestions on additional areas or assets you’d like to see tagged. Please drop us an email to [email protected] with any suggestions you have.

If your business needs a better way to track and monitor its assets then take a closer look at or drop us an email at [email protected]. We’re offering 25% discount to all SJIC tenants who subscribe to itemit as well as onsite, personalised support and guidance to help you get up and running in no time.

RedBite’s asset tracking software ‘itemit’ gets £1 million upgrade: AI and Social Networking capabilities to transform traditional asset management

RedBite Solutions has secured the funding to transform its asset tracking tool ‘itemit’ into a revolutionary, multi-stakeholder asset management application, fuelled by transparency and openness. It will leverage advanced AI and machine learning algorithms to maximise effectiveness.

Recent, tragic, events in social housing have brought to the forefront the need for change in the way assets that are owned, managed and used by different parties are monitored and maintained. It is necessary that asset end-users, such as housing tenants are able to access up to date and accurate information on asset maintenance and inspection schedules. In addition, feedback, reports and concerns from end-users should be valued and used to enhance and inform asset management decision-making.

RedBite is leading the £1 million Social Networked Smart Infrastructure Assets (SoNIA) project, collaborating with the combined research partner the Distributed Information Automation Lab (DIAL) and CSIC, at the University of Cambridge Department of Engineering (CUED) along with the housing association Settle (formerly North Hertfordshire Homes) and the Estate Management department of the University of Cambridge.

“The Grenfell Tower tragedy highlights the need for a drastic change in the way assets that are owned, managed and used by different parties are maintained and monitored. As documented in the Tower’s fire risk assessment report (Nov, 2012), the condition of critical assets was directly linked to the extent of the tragedy. Our aim is to empower members of our society at a very poignant time to engage with a transparent and trustworthy change that addresses pertinent concerns that are shared by so many” said RedBite Solutions CEO, Dr. Alex Wong.

The project team will work towards creating a user-centred digital asset management solution that provides transparency to asset end-users about the assets they rely upon and interact with as well as working to ensure incoming data from maintenance contractors and end-users is analysed and incorporated into decision-making. The itemit asset management solution proposed is unique in that all parties with an interest in an asset will be using the same integrated system to engage with assets.

“The output from this project is an innovative, digital platform for all asset stakeholders that incorporates new algorithms developed together with CUED. Two public reference sites, in the social housing and university markets, will be created by the project. These combined innovations are disruptive in that, for the first time in the infrastructure industry, users are given the opportunity to provide actionable input to asset managers”  Dr Ajith Parlikad, Senior Lecturer in Industrial Systems at the Institute for Manufacturing (IfM) and CSIC Investigator.

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning algorithms will be developed to interpret the data received from all parties in order to compute a condition assessment score, determine appropriate intervention actions and develop a decision-support system for asset management. The result will be enhanced decision-making based on the value of infrastructural assets to tenants, asset usage and feedback from end-users.

In line with the Horizons’ Human-Rights priority area, people must have the freedom to participate in decision-making that affects their lives. This project will extend RedBite’s fully-owned product, itemit – an enterprise asset management solution and app – to create an innovative digital platform for stakeholders to interact with assets and revolutionise the way asset data is conveyed and analysed.

itemit Makes RFID Deployments Low-Cost – RFID Journal


Check out itemit as featured in the RFID Journal!

If you think a beneficial RFID solution is too expensive, then it’s time to think again! itemit allows organisations of any size to track and manage their assets using RFID. Designed for simplicity and ease of use, the itemit app pairs with one of our supported RFID readers and allows you to tag, scan and track all of your assets!

Learn more about how itemit is revolutionising RFID deployments – Read the full article here!

itemit features in the IoT Journal!


Our simple, RFID asset management solution, itemit, has just featured in the IoT Journal!

With the Internet of Things (IoT) set to, irrevocably, change the world as we know it, the team at RedBite have been working hard to make sure no asset gets left behind. Our latest innovation, itemit, is an RFID asset management solution that brings life to your assets, provides them with a globally unique digital identity and surrounds them with intelligence to ensure they are able to communicate with you and all your assets. itemit with RFID is the simplest solution on the market that allows you to tag and identify your assets using RFID tags – all from your mobile phone!

There’s a lot more you should know about how itemit with RFID is connecting your unconnected assets – Read the full article here!

RedBite launches an asset management revolution – introducing itemit!

The team at RedBite is delighted to announce the launch of itemit – the simple asset management software that makes keeping track of critical business assets and home inventory easy!

Cloud based, with iOS and Android apps and an Enterprise web portal that all sync seamlessly, the itemit app allows for complete asset management anytime, anywhere and even offline. itemit uses QR codes and RFID tags to monitor assets as they move between multiple sites.

Following RedBite’s extensive work and collaboration on complex asset management projects for large, international organisations, over the past 10 years, it became very apparent that many of the different organisations, in different industries, with very different types of assets all experienced similar asset management problems. We recognised that many of these problems could be solved by a simple, affordable and flexible asset management solution. Thus, itemit was born!

itemit is designed to be a convenient and affordable replacement for managing assets in Excel that allows users to reap the benefits of decentralised and collaborative asset management. The itemit app is free to download and allows users to track the last-known whereabouts of their assets by using QR and RFID asset tags. Teams can see at a glance where their items were last, who had them and when.

itemit offers all of the functionality and features you would expect from a modern day mobile application such as, adding photos, attachments and comments, viewing items on a map and fully-backed up, cloud-based data storage as standard.

itemit isn’t just for businesses, it is ideal for anyone that wants to track and manage any number of items. Currently being used to help families move house and to organise the garages and attics of the busy homeowner, the itemit app offers a simple, free solution for keeping track of household items and records.

RedBite CEO, Dr. Alex Wong, had this to say about the exciting launch “We believe that simple, intelligent and affordable asset management should be readily available to everyone – whether that’s small businesses, collectors or home-owners. That is why we created itemit – for the lean small business owner to track critical assets, for wine enthusiasts to manage their wine cellars and for busy families to keep track of all their precious belongings”.

One of itemit’s recent clients is Action Dry – Absorbeez and according to the Manager, Lewis, “Itemit has proven to be a cost-effective, low-maintenance way to keep track of equipment. It was the only software we trusted to accurately allow us to see the locations of equipment on demand without paying a fortune. It has saved us a lot of time.”

Check out itemit for yourself – simply download the app and begin tracking your assets in a simpler, more effective way!

RedBite’s Platform is still No 1 Choice for Intergovernmental Organisation


3 years after securing the global Radio Frequency Identification tender from one of the world’s largest intergovernmental organisations, RedBite has secured the contract once again.

Over the last 3 years RedBite has worked closely with the client to develop a bespoke solution. As a result of this successful partnership, RedBite Edge is currently being utilised across 55 countries.

We have been working hard to further develop this unique solution to enable it to fulfill the requirements of multiple industries. Edge is now also being used to capture, maintain and monitor data, readers and networks in the medical and leisure industries.