Redbite launches partnership of itemit with Comparesoft

itemit partnership

RedBite solutions launches partnership with Comparesoft, a software comparison site.

The itemit asset tracking software, designed and built by the RedBite Team is listed on Comparesoft and is a recommended solution.

Comparesoft creates a platform for consumers to be matched with the best software to solve their problems. This will help to ensure that businesses searching for a solution to asset and equipment management, will be able to find the solution they need.

Charlotte Ellarby, Co-Founder of itemit and Associate Director of RedBite Solutions, said, “We ran a trial with Comparesoft to assess the quality and uniqueness of their leads. We are impressed with the matchmaking accuracy and delighted that it has enabled us to provide a solution to many more businesses that were previously struggling to manage assets and equipment.”

With clients such as Microsoft, Revolut and the University of Cambridge, our ever-growing list of clients shows the versatility of itemit. itemit continues to grow and fulfil its mission of providing easy to use, intelligent asset tracking to businesses of all sizes.

itemit implementation Nominated as 2020 RFID Journal Finalist

RedBite software itemit used for University PPE management

An implementation of RedBite’s itemit asset tracking solution has been nominated as a finalist in the 2020 RFID Journal Awards! The nomination is for the Best RFID/ IoT Implementation award.

RedBite has been working closely with the Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME) Charity for over two years to track and manage their collection of high-value assets. The REME Charity is part of the Ministry of Defence and is in control of many high-value assets that the armed forces and the ministry have accrued over the years. These assets include a priceless painting of Her Majesty the Queen.

Prior to discovering itemit, the REME team relied on a largely paper-based system with many folders of records. These folders would then be given to auditors to audit the collections. Due to the prestige, value and history the assets boast, a smarter solution was needed.

The REME team required a new modern-day system that would allow for their assets to be logged, accounted for and tracked. Due to collecting high-value assets, many of which are works of art, the team required an asset tagging solution that would not detract from the beauty of the art. And that’s where the itemit RFID asset tracking system comes in!

RFID is the ideal technology for this type of application. One of the great advantages of RFID is not needing line of sight to the tag in order to detect it. This meant that each portrait and painting could have a tag stuck on the back so that it remains hidden. At the same time, when performing a stock check of assets, the RFID reader is still able to detect the tag on the back of the painting.

Not only are the team able to track the whereabouts and value of the assets but they have also been able to digitise the asset’s history. Attachments are added to each asset’s digital profile where they are safely stored and preserved. This includes unique pieces of history, letters and photographs which will never become lost.

REME’s implementation of itemit’s asset management system has been nominated as a finalist for the best RFID/IoT implementation in the “other industries” category at the RFID Journal Awards 2020.

“It’s a real pleasure to work closely with the Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers to deliver a cost-effective solution to their unique problems. Having spent time on-site with the team’s unique collection of artwork, we fully appreciate the need to track these collections, not just for auditing and accounting purposes but because these assets have their own unique history that must be preserved for future generations.” RedBite CEO, Dr Alex Wong.

The REME team have referred us to similar organisations and we’re delighted to now be providing a similar solution to the Royal Corps of Signals.

If you have a collection of artwork or assets that require a discreet tracking solution, get in touch with us today at or 01223 421611.

RedBite’s asset tracking software, itemit, tracks PPE inventory levels for Cambridge University Hospitals.

RedBite software itemit used for University PPE management

RedBite Solutions are delighted to be assisting with the launch of a temporary PPE warehouse and logistics centre set up by the University of Cambridge, in response to COVID-19.

In under five days, Project Buffer was set up by a team belonging to the University Cambridge to receive, store, and deliver donations of personal protective equipment (PPE) to the NHS.

A warehouse has been set up to receive donations of crucial PPE from the University, its partners and alumni. The donations are then categorised and recorded so that real-time inventory levels can be seen both at the warehouse and by the NHS hospital. The hospital staff send a request via the itemit software for quantities of PPE they require, which are then delivered by volunteers at the warehouse and the available PPE inventory levels are updated accordingly.

The University were facing a new challenge in unprecedented times that meant they very rapidly needed to implement a solution to receive, store, count and deliver PPE to those that need it. Of course, as part of this, they needed a software solution that would allow this to be automated wherever possible and tailored to their requirements.

The team at RedBite Solutions has donated usage of the itemit asset tracking software for this purpose to the University and the hospital. 

With itemit, volunteers at the logistics warehouse simply scan a QR code to update the stock level of that type of PPE. For example, if a shipment of 500 gloves arrives, the gloves are placed in a zone, the QR code for that zone is scanned, and the stock level is increased by 500.

Staff at the hospital use the same asset tracking system to check inventory levels and to place orders for PPE. For example, if they need 300 masks, they use itemit to let the volunteers know. The volunteers then deliver the masks and decrease the available inventory quantity by 300.

Project Buffer was set up in under a week, and the University is accepting donations of PPE here. You can read more about the project here.

If you or your business is responding to COVID-19 and need software for critical equipment management or tracking PPE inventory levels then please contact us today. Free usage is being donated to all those responding to the pandemic. Contact the team at, or by calling 01223 421611.

RedBite’s itemit turns Business Assets into Smart Objects

itemit, the ultimate asset management software
St. John’s Innovation Centre (SJIC) tenant, RedBite Solutions, is working in collaboration with the team at SJIC to introduce a new way for you to report any issues you may come across within the building. RedBite has built a powerful asset tracking system, called itemit, which not only offers a great way to keep track of your business assets, but also offers a unique way to receive feedback about your assets from other users.

You’ll see itemit QR tags like these in meeting rooms, conference rooms, toilet areas and on photocopiers and scanners around the building. If you encounter any issues while you’re visiting one of these areas, simply scan the QR code using your phone to quickly report an issue.

qr code asset tags
Top tip: Most phone cameras now allow you to scan QR codes so you can simply open the camera and the itemit QR tag will be scanned, allowing you to report an issue.

Each QR tag is associated to a unique asset or area within the building. What this means is that when you report an issue, we know exactly which area or which asset has the problem. This will help us to ensure any issues are resolved as quickly as possible.

If you’re reporting an issue in one of the meeting rooms, conference rooms or toilet areas, you can scan the QR tag in the area and report issues relating to anything in the room.

We’d love to hear your feedback or suggestions on additional areas or assets you’d like to see tagged. Please drop us an email to with any suggestions you have.

If your business needs a better way to track and monitor its assets then take a closer look at or drop us an email at We’re offering 25% discount to all SJIC tenants who subscribe to itemit as well as onsite, personalised support and guidance to help you get up and running in no time.

RedBite’s asset tracking software ‘itemit’ gets £1 million upgrade: AI and Social Networking capabilities to transform traditional asset management

RedBite Solutions has secured the funding to transform its asset tracking tool ‘itemit’ into a revolutionary, multi-stakeholder asset management application, fuelled by transparency and openness. It will leverage advanced AI and machine learning algorithms to maximise effectiveness.

Recent, tragic, events in social housing have brought to the forefront the need for change in the way assets that are owned, managed and used by different parties are monitored and maintained. It is necessary that asset end-users, such as housing tenants are able to access up to date and accurate information on asset maintenance and inspection schedules. In addition, feedback, reports and concerns from end-users should be valued and used to enhance and inform asset management decision-making.

RedBite is leading the £1 million Social Networked Smart Infrastructure Assets (SoNIA) project, collaborating with the combined research partner the Distributed Information Automation Lab (DIAL) and CSIC, at the University of Cambridge Department of Engineering (CUED) along with the housing association Settle (formerly North Hertfordshire Homes) and the Estate Management department of the University of Cambridge.

“The Grenfell Tower tragedy highlights the need for a drastic change in the way assets that are owned, managed and used by different parties are maintained and monitored. As documented in the Tower’s fire risk assessment report (Nov, 2012), the condition of critical assets was directly linked to the extent of the tragedy. Our aim is to empower members of our society at a very poignant time to engage with a transparent and trustworthy change that addresses pertinent concerns that are shared by so many” said RedBite Solutions CEO, Dr. Alex Wong.

The project team will work towards creating a user-centred digital asset management solution that provides transparency to asset end-users about the assets they rely upon and interact with as well as working to ensure incoming data from maintenance contractors and end-users is analysed and incorporated into decision-making. The itemit asset management solution proposed is unique in that all parties with an interest in an asset will be using the same integrated system to engage with assets.

“The output from this project is an innovative, digital platform for all asset stakeholders that incorporates new algorithms developed together with CUED. Two public reference sites, in the social housing and university markets, will be created by the project. These combined innovations are disruptive in that, for the first time in the infrastructure industry, users are given the opportunity to provide actionable input to asset managers”  Dr Ajith Parlikad, Senior Lecturer in Industrial Systems at the Institute for Manufacturing (IfM) and CSIC Investigator.

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning algorithms will be developed to interpret the data received from all parties in order to compute a condition assessment score, determine appropriate intervention actions and develop a decision-support system for asset management. The result will be enhanced decision-making based on the value of infrastructural assets to tenants, asset usage and feedback from end-users.

In line with the Horizons’ Human-Rights priority area, people must have the freedom to participate in decision-making that affects their lives. This project will extend RedBite’s fully-owned product, itemit – an enterprise asset management solution and app – to create an innovative digital platform for stakeholders to interact with assets and revolutionise the way asset data is conveyed and analysed.

itemit Makes RFID Deployments Low-Cost – RFID Journal


Check out itemit as featured in the RFID Journal!

If you think a beneficial RFID solution is too expensive, then it’s time to think again! itemit allows organisations of any size to track and manage their assets using RFID. Designed for simplicity and ease of use, the itemit app pairs with one of our supported RFID readers and allows you to tag, scan and track all of your assets!

Learn more about how itemit is revolutionising RFID deployments – Read the full article here!